“Love Found Its Way” With Technology And Social Distancing

Surely, our ideologies, and beliefs have changed and evolved, but one thing that is still intact is “love”. And with the world going into lockdown, love was the only thing that gave us hope and kept us going. The world shifted from its physical existence to an entirely virtual platform. Education, working culture, doctor’s consultation, playing games, and mostly everything was online. On one hand, people who lived with their families felt closer to them with the work from home culture, and on the other hand, people living away from home felt distant from their loved ones. There were thousands of couples who got separated by distance, increased working hours, and several other reasons. Tons of plans got cancelled including important and most-awaited weddings. Let’s see what people did to stay connected with love and what McAfee thought about it.

What Was The Loophole?

Events like weddings are extremely special, and there’s a wave of enthusiasm that wraps everyone within to bring joy. But the pandemic interfered with all of these plans. However, when the spread of the virus slowed down, things were resumed. Physical events became virtual or hybrid (50% online and 50% offline). Thus, the loophole that couples found was to host hybrid or online weddings. And McAfee, the company that stands on the bedrock of unity and togetherness was thrilled by the idea. So, supporting love, McAfee shared some thoughts and suggestions on technical and security measures that would help make it an even better experience.

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Mcafee’s Take on Virtual Marriages

McAfee has been making and offering solutions for all cyber threats for quite some time now. Thus, their suggestions are directed and dedicated to making the couple’s big day as happy and secure as possible. Weddings can now be extremely intimate and still have guests. Couples started getting together with a marriage officiant and arranged live streaming for guests to attended the event with their laptops and mobile phones. Here’s what McAfee suggested on securing online weddings:

  • Getting married before your virtual marriage 

They suggested getting married legally before hosting an online ceremony to avoid future problems from getting elevated as there have been reports of legal actions issued by other locales.

  • Getting reliable network connection

Hosting a wedding involves a lot of guests that need a reliable internet connection. McAfee suggested getting a mobile hotspot device for better connectivity and long user hours in terms of battery usage.

  • Hiring a producer/coordinator

Some of the details and tasks can be difficult for you to handle. It would be a great help if you have a professional helping you. They can take care of when to unmute guests, setting up cameras, and of course your wedding décor.

  • Limit the guest list

Avoid invaders by creating a waiting room before the ceremony and no matter what do not post the link to your wedding on any social media site. This would help you allow people that you want to share this day with.

  • Secure the invitation

Invite people through emails and add an RSVP feature. Once done, you can then send the link and password to the online ceremony to them. You can also use a Google Sheet or Excel on Office 365 cloud to maintain the guest list.


McAfee has never failed to stand by its vision- a world of togetherness. So, when the idea of virtual and/or hybrid weddings came up, they were extremely delighted. They know what a wedding day can mean to couples and their loved ones. Mentioned above are what McAfee suggested people do for protecting and securing their digital footprints on their big day. They are certain it would help people make the best out of the new-age ideology of celebrating love.