How to stay safe from SMiShing on an Apple device?

SMiShing is not a new term to the modern world as many recent events have brought to our concern about the consequences that are a result of SMiShing. For those who are completely unaware of this term should read this article to know about it.

In simpler terms, we can say that this term is related to “phishing” which is a more common term and means tricking somebody into clicking on a link with suspicious content.

Similarly, SMiShing means tricking people by the way of sending them SMS which contains a malicious link which if clicked can land you in trouble. It may download a virus on your device or take you to a website that is infected with malware.

Coming to Apple users, most of them think that their device has a great virus protection system and nothing can harm their iOS device. But, this is just a myth as the cybercriminals are so smart these days that they can easily target your device and make it infected.

Now, this gave way to a question: how would you spot SMiShing on your Apple device? Well, the answer lies right below.

Here’s how you can spot SMiShing

There are different methods of spotting SMiShing on your Apple device and these methods are as follows:

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  • Re-login- this is the simplest way of learning if your device has undergone any attack without your knowledge. For this, you just need to log out and then log in again to your iCloud. If you are able to log in, it means you are safe.
  • Scrutinize the message content- most of the time, cybercriminals try to send multiple messages so that you may get lured to click on one of them. If you come across bulky annoying messages, then it means your Apple device could be at risk.
  • Take a look at the URL- if you find anything unusual in the URL that you have received in the SMS, then it is a fake one. It usually contains misspelled words and colorful alphabets.

Tips to stay safe

Tip 1- not believing everything always is also a good idea as it makes you a skeptical person and you start to introspect about things from different aspects.

Tip 2- if you find that a link is of any other color except blue, then there are 100% chances of being fake. Hence, think before you click.

Tip 3- do not go anywhere other than the official website for making changes to your Apple profile or changing your password.

Tip 4- keeping your Apple device and the apps present on it updated are the best things you could do to stay safe from cybercrooks.

Tip 5- you may also deploy McAfee Mobile Security for Apple on your device to keep it safe from getting infected.

Apart from this, such security software alerts you of the malicious links and suspicious activities on your device so that you can stay well-prepared in advance. Make sure to use these tips if you are an Apple user and do not wish to become a victim of SMiShing.