How to Stay Secure While Using Running Apps?

When Covid-19 spread out around us on a large scale many services were forced to close last year. Gyms were also a part of this shutdown. This was a piece of sad news for all fitness freaks. As per the guidelines, many people started home workout and exercise inside their living places.

Many people invested in a few pairs of dumbbells or downloading an app that can guide and help with their workouts. Well! This is the best alternative to help you break some sweat. You can continue with your daily exercise routine with the help of these fitness-oriented apps.

According to data, a sudden increment has been recorded in the use of running apps after the lockdown. These tools are helping people to stay fit in this tough time of pandemic when they can’t go to gym centers. However, these tools can be also dangerous for your online safety as many hackers are targeting running apps to steal information using it. Today, in this post we are discussing the topic of how to stay secure while using running apps.

Running Apps Do Not Have a Secure Track Record

If we look in the past then we find that there was never a secure track record of running apps. With its amazing features running apps set a pace for yourself. These apps store a lot of your data like height, weight and even your location.

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Whenever you post your daily fitness activities on social media then it puts your online safety at high risk. Hackers can use the location data to identify your living or workplace. This kind of information nobody wants that his information ever gets into the wrong hands of a stranger. A cybercriminal can use this information in many ways such as you may get a phishing email disguised as your employer.

Moreover, many running apps are not laced with basic security measures that can help to protect from cybercriminals or hackers. Such as, many popular running apps allow the most basic passwords like “qwerty” and “password”. In most cases, hackers target easy password accounts, doing so they can access your data with little efforts. These apps also don’t provide two-factor authentication, as a result, it becomes very easy for them to put your online safety at risk.

How Can You Be Safe while using running apps?

It does not matter how your fitness journey is going on, it is important to take necessary precautions to limit the risks of the platforms that you are using (running apps included). If you are looking to keep on your fitness journey without any threat then follow these tips to ensure maximum security and privacy:

Tip 1: Create a strong, unique password

The first line of defense for your online accounts are the passwords that you create for your account. So, it becomes very important for you to create a strong and unique password to ensure your online safety. It is always recommended by experts to use a password that includes special and alphanumeric characters. You should try to make your password unique every time whenever you create a new account.

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Make sure to change the passwords for your account on a regular basis. Following these tactics can reduce the risk of hacking and data violations. Try to enable two-factor authentication if it is available on the platform that you are using. To create unique and strong passwords for your online account you can take the help of a password manager.

Tip 2: Keep updating your app’s privacy settings

Many running apps are configured to share user’s data publicly by default. Make sure to go through the app’s privacy settings whenever you install it on your device. Change the setting if it is sharing your data by default.

Tip 3: Enable automatic software Update

Keep your running app updated if it undergoes any security updates. Do not forget to install the latest security updates for all installed apps on your device. You may need to update your operating system and apps frequently or enable the automatic software update feature on your device.

Tip 4: Disable unnecessary features

This could be important in dealing with threats and risks over your online accounts. Whenever you go for a run with your location services, think about the upcoming risks for your online safety. Disable all the unnecessary features that you are using on your running app.

Tip 5: Stay Updated

It is important to be on top in the matter of security and privacy for your online accounts. To stay updated on all the things you can go with the MacAfee Total Protection security solution. It can protect your device and data from hackers and cybercriminals.

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To sum up, the threat of data stolen and hacking is increasing day by day. There are several gangs of cybercriminals who are targeting the online account of users by approaching various ways. So, it becomes very important to safeguard your online accounts with the topmost antivirus and security solution program. In this post, we have mentioned the methods that can be very helpful for your all to be safe from various online threats.