Uncovering The Unknown Risks Involved With The Usage Of Telegram

It’s not just you who keeps on thinking of ways to get your kids to spend some time away from smartphones but all of us have been worried about this ever-changing scenario. Well, it’s not just the smartphones that play a major role in controlling your life but the apps present in it also are also considered highly impactful. This is because these apps are designed in such a manner that all of their features make people’s social and digital lives more convenient, especially when we talk about social media apps. So, today, we are going to have a discussion on one such app that is being used by people of all age groups, Telegram.

Although this app was not so popular at the time of its launch, however, it soon gained huge popularity among the masses due to the interactive features present in it. This app has been specifically created for those users who want to involve in the instant exchange of messages, huge data sharing, and encrypted messaging. However, we should not always believe in what each company claims about its services and we should try to undergo an investigation about the same.

Since we know that many people are still using WhatsApp for instant messaging and a lot of us are not even familiar with Telegram, it still managed to grab people’s attention. No matter what the reason is behind their success, the reality is that it’s staying in a tough competition with its contemporaries. However, you might be interested to know some more details about it. So, here we go.

What this app is all about?

From being anonymous to completely come into the limelight, Telegram has witnessed a major backlash when it was launched in the first place. However, as time passed by and people started to use it, they found it to be more likely to be something that they had been looking for. And, it is very much possible that a huge number of users that are using smartphones might be using this app, including your kids. And, if they are not using it now, they may use it in the near future.

But the question is what this app is? Well, as discussed above, this is a social media application that works similar to apps such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. And, if you are addicted to one such app already, then there are high chances that you may like using Telegram as well. Now, another big question that may come to your mind is if it is safe to use this app or not.

Well, we shall try to find an answer to the same in the section given next to it.

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Is the app safe to use?

To be specific about Telegram, to use the app, all you need is your phone number and a few details. However, if you want your chats to be encrypted in an end-to-end manner, then you need to enable it manually and this type of encryption is not applied manually which makes it quite unsafe. Apart from this, there is no option in this application to encrypt your Group Chats. Thus, you cannot consider this app as secure as other applications that are available in the digital world. This makes a user think twice before using this app.

What about kids using it? 

If you ever get to know that your kid is planning to use this app or he is already using it, then you should take the necessary measures accordingly. Since Telegram is mostly used by people who are banned from using other popular social media and messaging apps, therefore, you need to think twice before you hit the “Install” button for downloading this app. In addition to that, you may have to see annoying or inappropriate ads while using this application.

Therefore, it is very important that you make your kids aware of the drawbacks that come with this application and stop them from using such an app that is not end-to-end encrypted. This is because nobody wants to reveal their private conversations and nobody would want to use an app that is not safe. But, if you still wish to use it, use it with Mobile device protection downloaded on your device from mcafee.com/activate.


If you are still using this app and want to know why millions of users are using this application over other popular apps, then you should undergo a Google search about how safe this app is and is it safe for kids to use. Apart from this, you should also teach kids about maintaining social media hygiene and making sure that their personal information, images, and other details do not go into the wrong hands. We hope that this post has helped you decide if you should consider using Telegram or not.