Mcafee Suggestions To Avoid Dangerous Ransomware Attacks

In a highly digital world, we have now altered the way we used to live and as it seems, it can only move forward. In addition to that, we have never lived in a more prosperous age before and it has never been better.

However, we’ve learned from tons of movies all over the world that where it is good, there will always be bad. After all, how can there be light, if there’s no darkness, right? Likewise, where the discovery and availability of the Internet made things easier, there were people who found loopholes to interrupt user experiences.

And over time, these loopholes became more dangerous than we could have imagined. They are called cybercrime and they have always been directed to tamper with Internet connections and bring some kind of loss to the users.

That is where McAfee powered through and launched tons of security software solutions that have been engineered to prevent your devices from getting attacked and reduce your footprints from the digital platform.

Here, in this read, we’ll be introducing you to one of the most renowned cybercrimes that exist- Ransomware. You’ll get to know what it actually is along with the exclusive details that McAfee thought of bringing into the spotlight.

And to add to the pile of goodness, we have included eight exclusive ways that you can avoid falling victim to this dangerous cyber threat along with the steps to activate a McAfee subscription so that you can be aware of every and any suspicious task experienced by your devices.

Answering what the cyber threat Ransomware is

Well, cyber crimes sky-rocketed just as the Internet gained significance in our lives along with catering to many other service sections. It started with normal bugs that attacked systems and wiped off data.

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But then it kept snowballing and cyber crooks got more creative- that is when Ransomware came to light and has been in the headlines ever since. One basic explanation of what it is can be the fact that hackers or crooks find ways to get hold of your data and then ask for something in return or threaten to disclose it.

It is basically malware that grants access to the culprits to hold victims’ personal data (bank statements, finances, business deals, media files, etc) and then lets them use it as a ransom for something in return.

There are tons of cases where this didn’t just happen to a single individual but to an organization. And because of this, several hundred and thousands of dollars have been lost along with bearing significant damages to data as well as finances.

Now, if you’re wondering, “why do you need to know about an organization experiencing Ransomware?”, well, that is because if you’re connected to any such entity, you’ll be pretty much affected by it.

And also, McAfee has been recording the increased rate of cyber threats and its increase is consistent. However, the brand has come up with an exclusive measure that can help you either get rid of the issue or prevent it from the beginning.

How will you be alerted about data vulnerability?

Well, if organizations are at risk, they’ll alert all of their stakeholders quickly enough, even before an extensive analysis of the affected areas and the length of the data breach. Once all the necessary data have been gathered, everyone is communicated about it.

Therefore, email alerts, website updates, social media, and the press, are a few effective ways to know whether your data is vulnerable and/or to what extent (or in simple words, whether you’ve been attacked with Ransomware or not).

However, it is possible that sometimes, an individual’s computer or data files get hacked, in those cases, McAfee suggests installing any of the best-suited security software that would alert you along with helping you keep cyber crooks at bay (preferably the solutions offered by McAfee itself).

Read on- Are phishing and Ransomware connected?

Well, we have mentioned the basic definition of what Ransomware is, so it is quite clear that “phishing” can very easily be connected to it. After all, Ransomware doesn’t specify any cyber threat, it simply refers to when victims are forced to pay the cyber crooks with finances or other means.

And if we focus our attention on the statistics, in most cases, Ransomware results from viruses, bugs, and other digital infections that can be put under the “Phishing” category. However, this isn’t as bad as you might think. Phishing attacks can be spotted and avoided, which would mean, Ransomware can be spotted and avoided too.

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We have laid down a few measures that you can employ or implement into your lives to get rid of phishing possibilities:

  • Pay extra attention and caution to email messages that 9demands you to make a decision in a certain way.
  • Put time into verifying received links by hovering over them and checking with official websites.
  • Visit the direct source to make sure that you are not falling into a cyber trap.
  • Make sure you’ve installed some security software before you go on to browse through the Internet for a safe online time.

McAfee product activation if, you choose it

Here, in this part of the read, we’ll be walking you through the steps to activate a McAfee subscription, if and when you decide to employ it:

  1. Begin by purchasing a McAfee product or subscription.
  2. Create an account on the official website of the brand.
  3. Head into the website.
  4. Go on to submit the product key or the activation code.
  5. Put in the registered email address and review for validity.
  6. Proceed to submit the data and reduce the fear of Ransomware.

Time for McAfee’s take on avoiding Ransomware

As you can understand by the subject line, this part of the read has been equipped to help you with applying the best suggestions by the leading brand in providing security software all around the world. Therefore, we’d like you to walk through the enlisted:

  • Make sure you have backed up your data just to be prepared for any data breach.
  • It has proved to be very effective when users go on to change their account credentials from time to time.
  • Enable extra security on your password protections (McAfee suggests enabling a good reliable password manager to generate the best login passwords).
  • Enable the very common two-factor authenticator or the multi-factor authenticator to add up the security levels of your online accounts.
  • Employ browser security software for all of your browsing endeavors.
  • Consider installing any of the several VPN or Virtual Private Networks to access through the secure networks online (only).
  • If for some reason, even after implementing all the security walls, you fall victim to Ransomware, remember to never pay the Ransom (you don’t know if it is just one time or one of many times).
  • Go on to alert the concerned authorities and the cyber crime cell to ask for help in retrieving your compromised data or the files that are a part of the data breach you are experiencing.
  • Try implementing an all-rounder and comprehensive security solution, because according to McAfee you’d need all the protection you can get in this highly dominated digital world.


The detailed read above has been carefully crafted to help you understand the threats that lie in the digital realm in today’s digital era. Along with that, you get a very small introduction to McAfee, a brand that ensures digital safety at all costs.

You went on to read about one of the most popular cyber threats- Ransomware and how it is connected to phishing. This is then followed by some measures to avoid falling victim to phishing attacks.

Moving on, you read the section that we included to help you activate a McAfee subscription if or when you decide on installing it followed by an 8-measures part that is certain to help you with avoiding Ransomware and what to do if you get attacked.