5 tips to stay protected from mobile malware

For the past several years, we have become addicted to using smartphones every now and then. On our mobile phones, we use different applications to make the most out of our smart devices. 

But, eventually we forget that these apps are not as safe as they feel. There are a number of risks attached to using and installing them on our smart devices.

As we very well know that our smart devices contain our confidential information. Hence, downloading anything from the external sources is not always safe. The online threats are causing dangers to our devices. 

In fact, we have grown accustomed to making online transactions with the use of our mobile phones, which is not a safe practice. However, there are certain protective measures that we should adopt in order to safeguard our devices from malware attacks.

According to some reports shared by McAfee research team, the mobile malware makes its way to our devices when we install any application from unauthorized sources. Other than this, they may also enter our devices when we click on a suspicious link received from unknown sources. 

Here some common examples of mobile malware

  • LeifAccess
  • HiddenAds
  • MalBus

These are some of the malware that were found in the mobile phones of a vast number of people. When they entered the user’s mobile, they either resulted in mobile device failure or other harmful activities. 

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Also, many malware resulted in data breach which ultimately made people suffer a lot. Hence, it is very essential to stay alert if we wish to avoid any such malware attack on our mobile phones. 

Tips to stay protected

  • Research before you download- it is then the need of the hour to undergo a thorough research when you plan to download any app, be it from authenticated sources or unauthenticated ones. Most of the app links available on social media platforms are malicious. Hence, make it a habit to do your research even if anyone else is using the same app. 
  • Beware of fake ads- you might come across a lot of catchy applications or products whenever you visit the internet. But, it is better not to click on them until and unless you know the complete details about that particular platform. 
  • Reading app reviews is also of great help- when it comes to downloading an application, reading their reviews is of great help. Also, while reading them, make sure to do so with a critical eye. Specifically go through the negative ones and then device if the app is safe or not. 
  • Analyse if you really need that app- yes, this is the biggest question that you should ask to yourself. This is because sometimes, we just download the application even if they are of no or negligible use to us. 
  • Think twice before granting access- before granting storage, device, gallery, audio, video, and camera access to any app, it is necessary that you think twice. Maybe the app doesn’t require a lot of access but asking for it unnecessarily. 

Other than this, one should not forget to install the latest app updates on his device. Also, using a VPN or installing security software is also of great help.