Spotting the differences between private browsing and VPN

As people are involved in carrying out several essential activities on the internet nowadays, therefore most of them end up using incognito mode thinking that it is a safe practice. However, it is not as safe as you think. Whenever you are involved in online banking or login into your account through the private browsing mode, your data is transferred through different servers. Whether you are doing private browsing or using a VPN over your device, you cannot complete certain activities without this transfer of information.

Thus, it becomes quite essential to find out which type of browsing activity is more secure and how you can maintain the highest security standards while you are surfing the web. Well, it doesn’t mean that these browsing practices do not ensure safety but not as much as you think.

Coming to our main topic of discussion, let us now learn more about the major differences between Private Browsing and VPN. Along with that, we will also shed some light on which one is better than the other.

What is incognito mode and how does it work?

Whenever you open a private browsing window on your device, you are told that your browsing activities would not be saved and this is where the whole confusion takes birth. Whether you are using Edge or Google Chrome for browsing through a private window, not all your browsing activities are saved but some of them are.

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But, still, the websites you visit will not appear in your browsing history and your cookies won’t be saved as well. Although these details may not be visible at your end, the websites you visit may store your IP address and learn more about your interests. This simply means that you are not completely anonymous while using the incognito mode/private browsing.

Let’s learn more about Virtual Private Network

Using a VPN or Virtual Private Network is comparatively a safer practice because no matter what website you visit, your real identity would be kept safe. Only your server address is stored but not your device’s IP address.

VPN usage has become a common practice among a wide range of users, especially those who do not want their location to be saved or want to download free movies from the web, etc. Along with bypassing online censorship and using online banking services without any interruption using a VPN like McAfee Safe Connect VPN.

A VPN is more specifically usually used for location spoofing by different users who do not want third parties to know from where the other person is surfing the web. Thus, investing in a VPN is worth the price it comes for.

Not only this but using a VPN also ensures that no advertiser would be able to trace you and interrupt you again and again with their annoying websites.

Can you use VPN and do Incognito browsing together?

Although there is no similarity between the two modes of browsing, however, you can use them both altogether. But the question is how we can use them together? Well, there are certain gaps in both the browsing modes and these can be filled only by their simultaneous usage. By using them together, you can ensure that your location is not shared, your IP address is kept safe, and your activities are not traced.

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This helps keep your identity anonymous and you can surf the web as well as carry out sensitive activities with ease of mind.

Which should you choose between the two?

Those users who want to use only one of the browsing modes are often confused as to which one of them is better and what they should choose between the two. Well, this can be only decided by a user’s preference whether he wants to hide his location, his browsing activities, or his IP address.

By going through each mode’s features and functionalities, you can decide on what is more important to you. In case you are interested in hiding your IP address as well as location, then you must invest in a secure VPN as offered by McAfee products via However, your browsing activities and cookies will still be saved on your device.

On the other hand, you can opt for private browsing whenever you want as this is a completely free feature that is in-built in different web browsers. This helps you when you are not in a mood to spend money on Virtual Private Networking software and you still wish to keep your browsing data hidden from other users.


By having a look at the points of difference given for private browsing and Virtual Private Network, you shall be able to decide which one serves your purpose. In case you think investing in a VPN is not worth it, then you must note that it is. The paid VPN service comes along with other features and ensures the highest security standards whenever you want to surf the web in anonymity. On the other hand, if you do not need to be involved in sensitive or essential activities on the web, then you should opt for private browsing as well. As said earlier, these two browsing modes can also be used simultaneously.