Strengthen Your Mobile Security: Know-how to Block Fraud Calls

Being safe while surfing the web is one of the most difficult tasks. Usage of the internet and online services are in full swing and it is very important to be careful while using the internet. But this danger is not only limited to online but people are being cheated via fraud calls as well. You can’t imagine how these cheaters can make you fool. If you are not aware of these fraud calls and you do not know the way to avoid them, you might lose your money and some other important details.

Using the number that you use to register on the several non-trusted online websites, these cheaters may connect a call with you on behalf of a bank, government agencies, insurance companies, along with any number of other organizations and give an excuse to demand payment, financial information, or ID numbers. It can be harmful and you might lose your money by following the instructions told by the cheaters. According to data, especially in the United States, the number of fraudulent calls has been reported in a large number to Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The fraudster may trap you or ask you to enter the payment app credentials to receive a benefit of the winning amount for a competition in which you never participated. Well, it is quite strange but that’s true and most people easily get trapped in these types of attractive offers.

What do you need to do?

If you are not sure with the way to avoid these calls then you can do several things that will make sure that your money and important details are safe. Whenever you are asked to provide the payment confirmation PIN to receive the winning amount, you should avoid doing so. If someone is asking for any type of account login credentials then avoid giving these types of information as no bank or any other government agency ask for any type of login information, date of birth, and secret code details. Some more tactics that are given below will surely help to recognize fraud calls. So, if you are also looking the ways that can help to ignore or block fraud calls then you have visited the right page. Let’s move forward towards the ways to do so.

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Avoid and Stop Fraud Calls with These Tips

Fraud calls can be easily avoided and stopped if you know the tactic to recognize them and the ways to deal with them. In the following section, we have given some proven tips that will help you identify and avoid fraud calls. The tips to avoid fraud calls are given below, make sure to read them carefully.

  • Do not share login details 

Whenever you get a call on behalf of any government agent, bank agent, or insurance company agent, you need to deal with these types of calls carefully. Usually, no bank or other trusted agency asks for the login details officially so if someone is asking to provide them, you should refuse to do that. You are always suggested that never share the login credentials with anyone.

  • Do not complete any unknown payment request

Fraudster via phone calls asks you to complete a payment confirmation request to receive funds in your bank account. This is a complete scam as you need to enter the PIN details to send money from your bank account not to receive money in it. So, the best way to stop these types of money frauds that cheaters make via calls is refusing clearly to confirm any unknown payment. It doesn’t matter that how much the amount is.

  • Check the caller ID closely

Whenever you get a call to your number, make sure to check the caller ID of that number. If you find that people have reported that number as spam then avoid receiving calls with similar numbers. Or you can block the number using a mobile security app like McAfee. You need to avoid answering the unknown calls that include the numbers that are reported as spam.

  • Avoid returning calls to spam or unknown number

People often receive unknown calls to their mobile number. Some calls might be important for you or your business but most of them aim to cheat you. The smartness is in avoiding these fraud calls and if the number looks suspicious then do not return the call to that number otherwise you may be spammed or you may lose your money.

  • Don’t share details in pressure

Hackers would play the role of bank officials or others and they might tell you there’s something wrong with your taxes, your account, or your bank statement. This looks like a serious problem but that is not. Whenever you realize that the person who is on the call is trying to threaten you then you should not share any of the important details with them under pressure. You must know that no authorized company ever asks for any details that are personal and confidential over a call and they do not pressurize or threaten their customers in this manner.

  • Sign up for the “National Do Not Call Registry”

If your country provides a national do not call registry service then you can sign up for this service to confirm the number that you are looking to dial is legal or not. The countries like U.S., Canada, and the UK each offer do not call registries.

  • Install a mobile security app to block fraud calls

Installing a mobile security app on your device is always recommended. By doing so you can protect your device from viruses and other harmful activities. The McAfee Total Protection can help you to avoid and block fraud calls quickly and easily. You can easily get the McAfee app on your device by visiting the webpage.

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To sum up, block fraud calls easily with the help of the McAfee mobile security app. This app can be easily installed on your device and this will keep you safe from viruses and other harmful activities. McAfee Total Protection plan provides complete security to your device 24/7. We hope that this read will help you to learn about the ways that will save you from being cheated via fraudulent phone calls.