It’s time to beware of Messenger Rooms risks

Due to this coronavirus pandemic, many countries have imposed the lockdown because of which people are unable to meet each other.

This restriction on people has given way to an increased usage of the Internet including those apps through which we can connect with our loved ones.

The most fun thing that has seen a hike is Messenger Rooms.

Isn’t it fun to know that you can have a live video conferencing at your fingertips with people you know as well as with strangers?

But, have you ever thought when it could turn out to be your darkest nightmare.

If not, then give it a thought now. Because now is the time when you need to beware of such things more than ever.

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Well, you might be thinking that nothing can harm you inside the four walls of your house. But, the web knows all about you and could land you in a more dangerous risk than COVID-19.

There is this new Facebook feature that lets you connect with a large group of friends and is loved mostly by the kids.

Those of you who don’t know what messenger rooms are should note that it works similar to apps like Zoom but there is an exception.

In apps like Zoom, you need to download it but to use a messenger room, you don’t need to do so. All you need to do is create a chat room that has a URL using which others can connect with you.

In my personal opinion, why people are loving this feature so much is because it has interesting graphics, it is free, and around 50 people can get involved in a single room.

This lets the people, especially kids, enjoy the birthdays, game nights, and have a feeling of belongingness at the comfort of their homes.

Unfortunately, it may land you in trouble if you or your kids do not use it cautiously. So, let us now discuss the potential risks involved in using chat rooms/messenger rooms.

The risks involved

You should also note that the first thing that it poses the threat towards is to your privacy. This is because when you create a messenger room, your metadata is collected even if you are using a guest account.

Also, it does not have end-to-end encryption making it vulnerable to get hacked.

Another thing that should be of your concern is that the messenger rooms are not password protected. Since it lacks protection features, it can do anything with your privacy.

Cyberbullying, yes you read that right, cyberbullying is another thing that it poses risks too.

Now, you must be thinking how could that happen?

However, the simple answer is it can happen anywhere where there is a slightest of space for conflicts.

What should be done?

With such things in front of our eyes, the point arises is what should be done to protect the privacy of messenger room users.

Well, you can always have a conversation with other family members about the risks involved in it. Also, make sure that only trustworthy people are sharing the chat room with you.

Nothing is free and hence it is your duty to remind everyone around you that there is a reason why you could use a service for free.

Messenger rooms should never be your platform for sharing personal content because everything on the internet is being kept an eye upon.

Keep two things in mind- lock your room and report and block.

These two things can be your lifesavers when you feel suspicious about a person who is involved in a video chat with you.