Mcafee Webadvisor – Guide to the best online guardian

Guide to the best online guardian- McAfee WebAdvisor

Talking about a hi-tech dominated world, we know how easy and quick our lives have become. But where lives improved, the tech evolution brought in some downfalls and that isn’t unusual. After all, every aspect of life has two sides- positive and negative.

McAfee is one such brand that focuses on providing a safe online location for our highly digital era including antivirus and other protection software. And here, in this read, we’ll be discussing one of the brand’s product software that has acquired a significant share of the audience- McAfee WebAdvisor.

Today, throughout the Internet, this WebAdvisor by McAfee has been known to be the best online guide but that was already clear by the subject of this read. McAfee’s major focus was to instigate unity and online responsibility so that cybercrime can be fought and defeated, and that is when WebAdvisor came to being.

We all are aware of the harmful threats that come with the ease of the Internet that has continued to affect and/or corrupt the linked electronic devices (for instance smartphones, computers, security cameras, etc).

And the WebAdvisor has been ideated with tools and codes that help you fight any potential and possible threats with subscription sets for various devices and various operating system compatibilities. Let’s move on to discussing significant details including Cryptojacking Blocker (new feature).

Learn the upsides of the WebAdvisor software

Let us tell you an interesting fact about the software- it was formerly called McAfee SiteAdvisor. But then it expanded the services it catered to and changed its identity as McAfee WebAdvisor.
You do not have to pay for this software service, it is a free browser extension by the brand that works on tracking the browser activities, and prevents your devices from getting attacked or getting tampered with.

It is a carefully crafted protection software that helps in monitoring online activities, analyzes risks and also has an alerting tool for any spam and malware content that gets detected. This part of the read will introduce you to everything that the software offers:

  • Using the WebAdvisor by McAfee means getting to use its color-coded approach that helps in separating the clickable and authentic web links or web pages from the ones that are suspected to be malicious.
  • This protection solution has tools that make sure the firewall and antivirus on your system are up and running, every time before you go on to browse something on the Internet.
  • There might be times when we make slight typo errors but, the WebAdvisor makes sure we get navigated to the correct website in such cases to avoid entering any unwanted web addresses. And that largely depends on its ability to monitor and track your activities.
  • Users of this exclusive browser extension can yield benefit from a “Pre-scan” feature that scans all the files to be downloaded so that users are alerted if in any case, there are detected risks or errors.
  • There are times when we misclick onto some web links, and the protection software works towards blocking all the different malicious and phishing sites if they are a threat or are infected.

Get the McAfee WebAdvisor extension installed

Among all the protection software that McAfee offers, this software isn’t just the most recommended idea but the best additional layer of safety to create and manage your safe online environment. It also helps in limiting our digital footprints that act as the major component in making cybercrime a success. Thus, we’ve created this section of the read to help you install the software service and safeguard your online existence:

  1. Pay a visit to the official McAfee webpage.
  2. Spot the “Free Download” option and go for it.
  3. Double-click on the executable tab next.
  4. Check the box beside “Terms of Commitment”.
  5. Head to the extension menu and activate the plug-in.

Demolishing the McAfee WebAdvisor extension

McAfee believes that cybercrime is destined to end one day and so will the services they provide. And if we think about it, everything is entitled to end one day. That can also be the case with the WebAdvisor by McAfee, which is why we have laid down the explicit and facile procedure for stopping its’ use. Follow through the written steps and request an easy removal:

  1. 01)Use your desktop or laptop to get into “Plug-in” on the browser.
  2. 02) Spot the name of the protection software and choose the 3-dot icon.
  3. 03)From the on-screen list that comes up, hit “Remove from Chrome”.

Understand the new ideation- Cryptojacking

With almost everything online, financial funds acquired an online version too but got named as cryptocurrency. This is a specific technical development that simply changed our perspectives of looking towards the financial industry.

It is an encrypted digital product that is decentralized for trading and making payments at compatible outlets (online and offline). The best trait about digital currencies is their ability to be stored and rise in their estimated value.

Crypto fanatics or enthusiasts today, have access to multiple crypto exchange platforms all over the world and are granted permission to explore among the several crypto variants that exist. However, there’s one common factor that binds all of them together and that is the Internet.

And just as the Internet got involved, cyber threats and risks of data breaches hover over the crypto transactions. One such threat is known as Cryptojacking. It is when cyber crooks or hackers invade personal spaces and use people’s computing skills to illegally mine crypto. But, let us tell you how the WebAdvisor by McAfee plans on helping you for the same.

Protection plan by McAfee WebAdvisor

First and foremost, you should know how this cyber attack reaches its full potential. A cryptojacking malware is directed to spread through your devices- it can be in the form of mobile applications, software corruption, and ads pop-ups.
It is said that for a long time now, this threat has gone unnoticed and the WebAdvisor software found a way to help people avoid this. The tool is called a Cryptojacking blocker. It can be accessed as an add-on for Windows browsers and is also available for Google Chrome.

Users would receive help with detecting and preventing suspicious activities to keep cyber crooks from illegally mining cryptocurrencies. Additionally, the updates are automatic along with the WebAdvisor extension.
The existing users of the software solution have begun to get the Cryptojacking Blocker update and soon the software clients via other partners might experience the same. However, this would not just limit to the WebAdvisor by McAfee, but also benefit LiveSafe and Total Protection users. There’s even an option for “Free Download” of the software on the official webpage along with the updated Cryptojacking Blocker included in it.


The detailed read above is an informational masterpiece for introducing you to McAfee WebAdvisor and providing you with exclusive details that can help you improve the time you spend online. It is a free browser extension tool that can help you keep track of web activities along with analyzing and minimizing the risks of cyber threats.
Scrolling through the read, you’d get to know the benefits that users of the WebAdvisor by McAfee can yield, the steps to follow for installation, the steps to disable the extension, details on a new cyber threat- Cryptojacking and WebAdvisors’ protection plan with cryptojacking blocker.