McAfee vs Norton: Which one is better in 2020?

Two of the most successful names in the antivirus software industry are McAfee and Norton. These antivirus giants provide protection against all sorts of online threats.

When the hackers attack computer systems, these are the two bigwigs that come into everyone’s mind and therefore, it is difficult to choose which one of these antivirus can be picked as the best available options in the market.

McAfee vs Norton: Based on their performance, price and features, here is head-to-head comparison between the two top guns of this industry .

Main Features – McAfee and Norton are top-notch antivirus companies that offer several security-related features and utilities. Here are some of the highlighting features:


  • File shredder – Permanent delete feature that allows you to remove sensitive files.
  • PC optimization tools – McAfee offers system optimization tools that enhance a computer’s performance by deleting temporary files.
  • Multi-device Compatibility – The cybersecurity brand is compatible with Windows PCs, iOS, Android and MacOS.
  • In-depth scanner to analyze files for potential threats.
  • File Lock – McAfee provides encrypted storage and safeguards files from ransomware.

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  • Smart Firewall – It scrutinizes the incoming data and blocks the download of unsafe files.
  • Anti Spyware utility – It keeps the hackers at bay and prevents the system from allowing and installing the spyware-loaded apps.
  • Ransomware Protection – It helps the users from getting trapped into the world of phishing websites.
  • Password Protection – This feature is to keep the user’s credentials secure from any kind of misuse.
  • SafeCam – It provides webcam protection to prevent hackers from using your device for spying purposes against you.

McAfee vs Norton: Pricing Difference

The basic security software of both McAfee and Norton are set on very basic prices. Both McAfee Total Protection and Norton 360 Standard for 1 device are $79.99.

However, if we talk about the premium packages for both the security software, the cost of McAfee LiveSafe for Unlimited Devices is $119.99, whereas the price for the Norton 360 + LifeLock Ultimate Plus software is $349.99.

So, if you are looking for the pricing difference then McAfee serves you more at affordable rates as compared to Norton security.

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*To know more price offers on both McAfee and Norton antivirus security software packages, go through the image description given below:

Basic difference between McAfee and Norton security software

Mcafee vs Norton: Computer performance

The performance of these antivirus is determined by examining how quickly and smoothly the computer responds to other tasks while the running antivirus programs. McAfee has an advantage over Norton as the former has a faster response to other operations and therefore, the users do not face any issues with functionality even when the antivirus runs in the background.

Mcafee vs Norton: Affordability

Both the companies are quite competitive in the antivirus realm, but in terms of value for money, McAfee has an edge over Norton. McAfee is more affordable than Norton as it provides a top-shelf Total Protection suite and covers more devices at economical prices than the latter. One point in favor of Norton is that McAfee comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee whereas Norton offers a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Mcafee vs Norton: Interface

Both the bigwigs share the common trait in terms of interface and that is, easy-to-understand display.

McAfee has a user-friendly interface with white and grey as the theme colors. The screen layout is simple with buttons at the bottom to start virus scans, and app updates. The security status appears on the main dashboard.


Norton, on the other hand, has an interface that features one main panel enabling the users to know the current protection status. Norton’s interface is optimized for both the phone device and tablet use.


It also sends alerts to the users every time a malicious software is about to enter their gadgets and asks the user to allow or block the incoming data.

Mcafee vs Norton: Anti-Malware protection

When it comes to detecting and eliminating malware and scanning the system for outdated software, both the companies show excellent protection results. Norton offers 50 GB cloud storage, and dark web monitoring. McAfee offers WiFi network security and identity theft protection along with password manager.

Popularity Between the Two

It is very clear that both McAfee and Norton are dominating the security software market. However, if we talk about the market share of McAfee it is 11.9% whereas Norton market shares it is 10.27%.

Another important factor to determine the product’s overall popularity is the customer’s satisfaction from the security product from its usage.

So, the ultimate security software that is considered to be the premium software is McAfee. It is popular amongst the users that are present across the globe to serve the best security programs.

Frequently answered questions

Do McAfee and Norton do the same thing?

Yes! Both McAfee and Norton security software are designed on the same parameters. Both of them are eligible to protect your computer against the latest viruses, malware, ransomware, and Trojans along with other vulnerable threats that can easily harm your computer. In addition to this, both the software offers the same features such as full scanning, quick scans, parental control, and spam filtering on its firewall.

Is there a need to install both Norton and McAfee on my computer?

No, there is definitely no need to install both the software, in fact, it’s a bad idea to run more than one security program on the device as it will create issues and conflicts. Both of them can probe you to uninstall or deactivate the other program and moreover, this will slow down your processors. When it comes to McAfee vs Norton, if you try to install McAfee security software and if there is Norton security software previously installed or vice versa then you will be prompted to delete the earlier one.

What is better McAfee or Norton for Mac?

McAfee is a better choice if we see the security tools as compared to Norton. Both of them have excellent and highly acknowledged performance. Mac users need to consider what more they want out of a security program because virus cases for Macs are rare. However, Apple users still want complete protection from phishing anonymous contents, anti-ransomware, and parental control features that are offered by both McAfee and Norton.

What is better between McAfee and Norton in 2020?

Both the software packages were awarded the best and advanced security software in 2019. For 2020, considering the AV-Test evaluation and comparatives for the malware protection test, it is seen that McAfee is slightly ahead than Norton software. So, if we compare the analysis of both the software McAfee is the winner to fight back the latest and advanced malware traps.


Both the antivirus provide 100% detection against all malware (ransomware, virus, and spyware) and safe browsing extensions with parental controls. But as far as the above-mentioned points are concerned, McAfee seems to be ahead of Norton as it is a high-powered antivirus and covers more devices for relatively lower prices. So, if you wish to purchase McAfee software or you want to know more about McAfee security suites then visit