McAfee Total Protection Vs McAfee LiveSafe: Which one is better?

No doubt, McAfee is one of the finest antivirus protections available in the market that not only gives excellent outcomes but is also convenient to use. As the title itself clearly states the intention of this article, hence we shall discuss the same in the sections that are given below.

It is very important to get the best antivirus software for your device so choose wisely when it comes to making a choice between McAfee LiveSafe Vs McAfee Total Protection.

You can get your hands on both of them via and this is the only thing that is common in them.

To have a dilemma in different situations of life is human nature and when it comes to choosing one of the McAfee products, the confusion remains constant.

So, if you are planning to choose one of the products i.e. McAfee Total Protection or McAfee LiveSafe, then we shall clear out your confusion for the better.

The most important things we shall talk about are their features, pricing, plans, usability, and so on. So, here is the deal.

A glance at McAfee Total Protection

First, we will learn some basic details about the product. Then the discussion will be followed by the in-depth analysis:

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  • The product is an award-winning antivirus solution and stands out among the rest.
  • It is available in different plans to choose from; Individual, Multi-Device (5 devices), and Multi-Device (3 Devices).
  • With all these there licenses, you will get a Password Manager for managing various accounts.
  • Offers real-time threat protection from new day viruses.
  • Performance optimization features are also available in all three packages.
  • You also become eligible for getting your hands on the encrypted storage.
  • In case you come across any problem with your software, you are eligible to get Free Tech Support.
  • Additionally, you also get the safe browsing features to ensure your stay safe online.
  • Moreover, the multi-device plans can be easily shared with the other devices as well.

Now, let us know some basic details of McAfee LiveSafe which undoubtedly stands at a strong comparison with McAfee Total Protection.

A glimpse of McAfee LiveSafe

  • The product has been specifically made available to be used on different operating systems such as Windows, macOS, Android, as well as iOS.
  • It is also an award-winning antivirus just like Total Protection.
  • It not only safeguards your devices but also your online identity.
  • Just one subscription is enough to offer you all-round protection to your digital world.
  • It allows you to shred essential sensitive files and protects you from online hackers.
  • The antivirus solution comes with a 100% guarantee for removing the virus.
  • Also, there is a ‘30-day money-back guarantee’ if you are not pleased with using the product at any point of time within 30 days.

The major difference between the two

When we go on to compare both the McAfee products, we can say that all the features of McAfee LiveSafe can be easily found in McAfee Total Protection. On the contrary, McAfee Livesafe does not have the features of Total protection.


But, when we speak about a product that offers complete digital security, we can say that there is no product available in the market as effective as LiveSafe.

Additionally, LiveSafe comes with in-built cloud storage capabilities that can be expanded up to 1 GB. This cloud storage is equipped with security features that serve as a personal locker for storing sensitive files.

In terms of a selling point, we can say that the Total Protection is one of the best products that offer password management features and you may also share your subscription based on the purchased plan.

While LiveSafe is a best-seller it has a next-gen scanning engine in it along with other features for tracking digital footprint and its 500+ million copies have been sold till now.

Make a wise choice

When it comes to making a distinction between the two and then deciding on which product you wish to buy, then you may go through this article one again and make a wiser choice.