Why should you invest in McAfee Mobile Security?

Oftentimes, people give much priority to their computers as compared to mobile devices in terms of security. Several antivirus brands are coming up with different protection software that is intended only to safeguard your portable computers or laptops, but in no way can be used on a mobile phone.

But, McAfee does not lag behind in offering people the much-needed protection for their smartphones as well. Yes, we are talking about McAfee Mobile Security which is a security solution developed only to protect your mobile phones.

As you might be knowing, most of us use our mobile phones more than we use our computers. We always keep it handy and use it for different purposes such as surfing, playing online games, using social media apps, calling, messaging, and so on. But, you never know, when these services could become the entry port of malware.

Thus, before you feel disappointed and make your mobile device the cause of the biggest loss in your life, it is time to think of investing in McAfee Mobile Security. Why? The reasons are specified right below.

Exceptional benefits of McAfee Mobile Security

In the absence of a strong anti-malware program, your mobile phone could become the host of malware and you may lose essential data from your device which could cause huge financial loss to you. Therefore, to avoid any chances of getting spammed, you should start using mobile security software at the earliest. Here is why:

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  • The mobile security solution offered by McAfee is highly compatible with iOS as well as Android devices.
  • You can choose from different plans available at the official website- Starter, Standard, and Plus.
  • As soon as you visit a malicious website or tap on one such link, you are notified about it immediately.
  • The personal data stored over your mobile device is given high-level protection.
  • It warns and restricts you from downloading malicious apps on your device.
  • The award-winning technology used in this solution proactively fights against malware as well as ransomware.
  • There is an in-built feature in it which is known as McAfee VPN ensures that you are staying safe across the connected networks or whenever you connect to someone else’s Wi-Fi.
  • There is a secret storage space where you can keep your apps with sensitive data all in a single place.
  • Not just that, there is special technology in it using which you can track and get to know about the stolen devices without having to compromise your data.

Choose which plan is apt for you

As already said above, the McAfee Mobile Security solution is available in three different plans. Therefore, you can choose the preferred one and enjoy the ultimate security benefits on your smartphone:

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  • The Starter plan

This version of mobile security is for those people who do not keep sensitive data on their devices because it comes with some basic mobile security features. But, the basic features included in it are enough to keep your data away from scammers. It is inclusive of the features such as memory booster, privacy check, security scan, safe browsing, battery booster, and storage cleaner. McAfee offers this plan for free and you can easily download it on your device from www.mcafee.com. However, this plan is available to be used on a single device.

  • The Standard plan

The Standard plan comes pre-equipped with more specific features other than the ones mentioned above. With its smarter technology users get a secure app locking facility, phone support, media backup feature, guest mode capabilities, safe browsing, and safe Wi-Fi. Along with that, it also includes features such as security scan, anti-theft, battery and memory booster, and so on. To get this version of mobile security on your device, you need to pay an amount specified on the official website.

  • The Plus membership plan

In addition to the exceptional benefits specified above, you will also get to use one more feature with this plan i.e. Wi-Fi Guard VPN. This smarter technology restricts you from connecting to an insecure network and visiting a malicious site. Apart from that, you can get all the features that are specified in the previous plans.

How to install McAfee Mobile Security?

If you wish to use this ultimate award-winning mobile protection on your device, then you can get it by using the steps given below:

Note: if you want to begin with using the free version first, then you may get it on your mobile device by visiting the Applications Store of your device.

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  1. At first, go to www.mcafeemobilesecurity.com
  2. Choose your country from the given regions and click “Proceed”
  3. Choose a plan and enter your mobile number
  4. Click on the “check out” option
  5. Make the payment and install the app on your device
  6. Agree to the terms and start using it


In this post, we have tried to cover multiple aspects related to McAfee Mobile Security with the hope that it helps you from staying protected from new-day malware and threats. If you are swayed by these features, you must invest in one of the plans and see how it makes a difference in your life.