McAfee livesafe to partner with Samsung to keep your data safe

McAfee has recently announced its partnership with Samsung in order to build a defensive shield for the Samsung customers and protect the personal data and information from the vulnerable threats that occur online while accessing the web portals. With the partnership, the users of Samsung smartphones along with those who use the Galaxy S series, Galaxy Fold and Galaxy S20 will get the antivirus and anti-malware protection by McAfee antivirus solution.

This software will come pre-installed on your device and moreover, the partnership is an expansion to deliver better protection to Samsung PCs and laptop users wherever there is a need.

The digital platforms we access on a daily basis of constantly transforming and taking shape and there are many users that are living an online life. There are nearly four billion consumers that are connected via an online platform on an average of six hours per day. It has become a daily part of everybody’s life to share photos to socialize with friends to complete the bank transactions and many more.

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Moreover, the consumers do expect that whatever they do or desire to do online they do it without worrying about the potential risk that comes from luring websites. So, to keep your data safe while you are accessing online platforms is very important and you can only do it when you install McAfee antivirus from the official website.

Why you need McAfee Livesafe antivirus?

The consumers are connected globally or across the globe via online platforms and you need a dedicated antivirus solution such as McAfee that enables the users to protect the information online when they shop, do the banking transactions, and share their traveling details.

So, to keep all the information and details protected from hackers across the globe there is a need to install McAfee livesafe antivirus software.McAfee Livesafe with Samsung will continue its mission to deliver the customers peace of mind so that they can relax and stop worrying about their data security. Moreover, by this, the families and friends will not be jeopardized while accessing the online platforms.

Protecting your Smartphones with McAfee Livesafe

Samsung has recently announced that its new series of Galaxy S series, Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Fold will surely come with McAfee antivirus software pre-installed. Progressing more on these parameters it includes the Samsung Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S9 that has McAfee virus scan protection on the run.

Securing your PCs and laptops with McAfee Lifesafe

Recently, the Samsung devices have announced that their respective PCs and Laptops which include the Samsung Galaxy Book Flex, with more invasions like Samsung Galaxy Book Ion and Galaxy Book S will come with McAfee Livesafe pre-installed on the Samsung device. The consumers will also benefit from adding the protection against the virus and vulnerable threats that occur online along with ransomware attacks and data protection from threats offline.

It is important to understand that all the Samsung laptops come with a benefit where you can easily enjoy a 60-day free trial and you will also get special discounts once the trial period is over after a due time.

Wrapping up: 

In the end, it is important to say that there are many more updates to come wherein McAfee livesafe antivirus software is collaborating with many working devices and companies. Just wait for more updates on the McAfee antivirus solution to cope up with vulnerable threats in upcoming days by maintaining the security margins. This information is provided so that the users get to know the recent updates and information related to the software.