McAfee LiveSafe- Seamless protection from multi-vector attack

Have you ever heard of the term ‘multi-vector attack’? If not, then you have landed at the right place as we are going to discuss such attacks in depth along with the best practices to stay protected. 

Speaking about ‘multi-vector attack’ we can say that it is a kind of cyber attack that includes making different entry points vulnerable to hacking. This type of attack is even more complicated than a normal attack or data breach. 

To accomplish this kind of attack, the attacker needs to undergo a complex process because a single point of infiltration to a system is not enough to gain access to the users’ personal data.

If you are curious to know the reason why they undergo such an attack, then let me tell you about it in detail. They perform this attack in order to get their hands on the sensitive personal information. Once the attacker gains knowledge about your personal details, he may sell it to third-parties. 

The third-party, in turn, misuses this data and you may land in a bigger trouble than you have ever thought of. Hence, it is very essential for the new users to understand this concept clearly as multi-vector attacks are ever-increasing. 

Why should you give heed to such attacks?

Now, you must be thinking why you should be concerned about multi-vector attacks. 

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In fact, the general public is more prone to becoming a victim of these attacks rather than businesses. This is because most of the businesses are concerned about their privacy and security. And to ensure their security at best, they already use multi-vector protection.

You may self analyse it by looking at the devices present in your house and asking yourself certain questions about them. The first question which you should consider in this scenario is whether your devices are equipped with security solutions or not. If not, the whole concept lies bare in front of your eyes. 

So, in my opinion I would advise the device users to deploy McAfee LiveSafe on their devices as it provides multi-vector protection to them. 

What does McAfee LiveSafe cover?

Now, some readers might be thinking why I am specifically considerate about using McAfee LiveSafe. Well, there are many obvious reasons for using this product. The most exciting thing about this product is that it includes a number of diverse features that are enough for providing all-round protection to your devices.

Next up, we shall have a look at some exceptional features available in the product. 

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  • All-round mobile protection: when it comes to safeguarding your mobile devices, you do not need to buy a separate protection for it as LiveSafe has McAfee Mobile Security available in it already. 
  • Family safety features- other than offering mobile protection, it also grants the users an opportunity to inculcate good habits in the children. Also, you can limit screen time on the devices available in your house. 
  • Scanning vulnerabilities and loopholes- in addition to the above mentioned features, there is also a vulnerability scanner in it. This scanner lets you know about the vulnerabilities available in the apps and programs available on your device. 
  • Anti-spam technology- with this feature in-built in the software, the spam emails go directly to the junk/spam folder.
  • In-built password manager- now it is more than easy to manage the passwords you use to log in to different online accounts and platforms. 

Additionally, the in-built browser extension as well as PC Optimization feature makes it stand out among the rest. Hence, you should not give it a second thought before buying McAfee LiveSafe for fighting against multi-vector attacks.