Make learning pods a safer space for students

Nobody spared from the novel situations 2020 is throwing at us. All of us have been struggling to adapt to the new environment and elders are no exception. They have been trying hard to make their kids adapt to the new learning ways.

If you are also in the same boat, then this article shall help you in shaping your kids the way you want along with keeping their safety at priority. Since most of them are not able to send their kids back to school, many families across the globe are taking the help of new learning techniques.

They are inclined towards forming distant “learning pods”. If you have recently come to know about this concept, then this article shall be of utmost help to you. Because these are not only advantageous but there are certain risks attached to it as well.

Before delving deep into this topic, let us first know what it actually is?

What is “pod learning”?

In simple terms, we can say that it is a process of remote/distant learning which is helping students to gain knowledge collectively. Children belonging to the same age group can learn together in the same space. Nowadays, parents are also leaning towards this method of learning without knowing the pros and cons of it. According to them, collective learning will improve their mental health, but they do not know the negative impact of it.

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Risks attached to “pod learning”

  • Cyberbullying- since most of the parents are opting for the Facebook “pod” option to collaborate, hence children are having more time to spend on Facebook. In the absence of parents, they may get involved in other activities on this platform giving way to cyberbullying.
  • Malware infection- since the outbreak of COVID-19, we get to witness more malware attacks than ever. As pod learners use different means of connecting with each other, the risk of getting malware on your device may multiply in this scenario.
  • Data breach or identity theft- if your device is running on an unsecured network connection, then also there is a high risk of a data breach.

Let us learn what can be done

  • If your kid is also involved in pod learning, then you should ask them not to click on any illicit link received via email or text messages. They should especially beware of doing so in case of a pop-up message.
  • Along with this, you should train them to examine an email from all the aspects; positive and negative.
  • Other than this, using a security solution is the next best thing you can do. If your device already has one, then make sure it is updated.
  • Strong password is the key to keeping everything safe online. Whenever you use an online platform for any work, make sure you use two-factor authentication on it. This makes a visible difference between the attacker and you.
  • An effective VPN can be your mate in offering virtual safety whenever you connect to the Internet.

One should note that pod learning is growing from the root level. Hence, there is a lot to be discovered yet. Therefore, you should ask your kids not to share any personal information with others in addition to keeping the aforementioned safety measures in the mind.