Fighting Covid-19 With Humanity and Technology

While the world was starting to accept the CoronaVirus as a part of their lives, the medical staff all around the globe took the hit for us. They stood upfront the virus to shield us from harm. They have been working non-stop, as warriors, to keep us from the deadly virus. And McAfee, the company that stands on the foundation of togetherness, decided to provide support to the real heroes of the pandemic.

The company thrives on technology and has been helping people in securing their digital footprints with cybersecurity products and services. But, this time they used technology to contribute to giving back to the people who were risking their lives for us, every minute of the day, and not on the virtual platforms. Let’s look at what they did, that added so much positivity and motivation in the medical staff to keep going on.

McAfee Initiative – What They Contributed?

As wearing masks became mandatory for the general public, wearing PPE kits 24X7 was the only choice for the medical associates. We’ve seen tons of products going off-shelf because of supply reduction. And the same happened with masks and PPEs. The demand for these products kept growing but there were huge delays which further led to obstacles for the people working at hospitals, taking care of people suffering from the virus. Supporting the idea and initiative of a McAfee member, the company saw an opportunity and as a part of their corporate social responsibility (CSR), they decided on adding to the cause.

The Technical Twist by a Mcafee Researcher

Companies making masks and face shields were already stocked up on orders. An Advance Threat Researcher at McAfee, France, without adding to their workload, stepped up and took it upon himself. Hence, he came up with a solution that proved to be extremely effective and sent out a wave of belongingness among the front line fighters.

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Thomas Roccia started printing masks and face shields with 3D printers, which mostly included working with plastic filament and some other materials. He invested time, and finances to provide our front line workers with the things they needed most. Working with 3D printers for almost two years, he said, making these items were the most satisfying.

Involvement by the Company

McAfee was impressed by this world-altering initiative, then decided to contribute funds for all the operations involved in printing these masks. They provided plastic filaments and other materials for making these products. Later, when it became a little too much for just one person to handle the production, McAfee asked all its employees to try and volunteer in helping that person. Since then employees from McAfee, in several locations, have volunteered and have been investing their time, hard work, love and care in printing these highly demanded items. And all of this was an initiative to spread some care, a sense of appreciation and value, and most importantly, to lift the spirits of those who are risking their lives in this war against the coronavirus to keep us safe.


Be it the doctors, ambulance drivers, nurses, any worker at the medical facilities, or any person in the medical field, everyone has been taking care of us and doing every possible thing to keep us safe from getting affected or for recovering from the coronavirus. They deserved to know that their sacrifices and their hard work are being appreciated. The Advance Threat Researcher at McAfee, France, jumped in to do the same. He started printing face masks and face shields out of 3D printers with plastic filament and a few other materials. McAfee added to the cause by encouraging volunteers from its workforce and funding for the required materials. They supported the idea of togetherness being the foundation of its origin and stood by it.