Shield Your Paw-sitivity From Falling Into Cyber Traps

It is safe to say that there are options available for you to safeguard your family and yourself from being a victim of cyber threats, after all, McAfee has proved to be a real-life synonym for security. It offers new-age safety solutions to reduce and protect your digital footprints aiming to bring down the probability of getting attacked by cybercriminals. Worrying about which can be very stressful, right?

Well, lately, with a little fur baby around, there has been dropping stress levels and dogs have always topped the list. With the pandemic locking us inside our homes, dogs have never been this high on demand. And simultaneously there was a hike in the cybercrimes, which was named Puppy Scam. Let’s talk about how you can be safe from this with McAfee’s cyber safety ambassador’s suggestions.

Let’s Just “paws” And Talk About Puppy Scam

You’re probably wondering why McAfee, a company that focuses on digital safety, is talking about some Puppy Scam. More importantly, you’re wondering what the Puppy Scam is. So, let’s dive right into it.

The Puppy Scam is very simple and yet hard to make out before it’s already done. There have been several times when you go through the Internet, looking for dogs and puppies, maybe not to get one, but to cheer yourself up.

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Yes, just looking at their pictures seems to help a lot. So, sometimes you even look for the perfect breed.

That’s when the cybercriminals come in with pictures of puppies online and try to entice you by offering to sell them for extremely low prices, in comparison to most of the breeders. And then extort money from you before you even see the puppies.

Why Figuring It Out Can Be “ruff”?

Cybercriminals are renowned for their precision. And when we talk about Puppy Scam, their work, although wrong, is quite plausible. They make the sites look extremely genuine with certificates and real-time identification numbers matching legitimate breeders.

The pictures are specifically managed to look as identical as the legitimate online breeders. However, the only detail that is often different is the contact data. Let’s move on to see what McAfee had to say about it.

The Ways To Put Cyber Crimes On “leash”

A cybersecurity ambassador for Australia working with McAfee suggested measures that might help in avoiding the Puppy Scam:

  • Do not rush

Cybercriminals wait for you to rush into making decisions and that is when they hit. So, take your time by going through the breeder’s website.

  • Finish your homework

Google about the breeder and their involvement in any prior scams, get in touch with the breeders association and do a background check, and get information on the veterinary that the breeder says has vaccinated the puppy. Do your homework right.

  • Video calling and chat

Not being able to pick up your puppy can be a common hindrance. But it’s a digital world so you can see your puppy several times before they get to you. Chat with the breeders for different pictures, and video call them to ensure their legitimacy.

  • Go with your instincts

Not finding a pup that takes your heart away has very low chances of happening, but the risk of getting scammed in the process is extremely high. So, it is always a good idea to believe what your gut says. If you find any point of suspicion, just get out.


In this digital era, human lives have become as chaotic as it is easy. In moments of overstress, pets can be our only relief. Their adorable eyes, their playfulness, and most important the cuddles of love shoot down the stress level in an instant. The cybercriminals came up with a way to scam us for trying to get a pet with the Puppy Scam.

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However, one of McAfee’s cyber safety ambassadors suggested measures to avoid getting hit by the scammers on your way to get a little fur baby. With McAfee security solutions and recommendations, being safe is very much “paw-sible”.