How To Control The Data That You Share On Social Media?

One thing that is seeing extensive growth with each passing day is Social Media. With new members joining every day, this space is becoming the favorite spot for scammers. Because it creates an opportunity for them to find loopholes in the system and get hands-on the data that is shared willingly shared by the users.

Be it Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, each social media platform claims to be highly safe. But, do we know how safe it is in reality, for how long it retains our data, and with whom our data is shared? Well, we do not have enough skills and knowledge to learn more about the same and that is where scammers come into action.

This insufficient knowledge on the part of the users is something that may prove to be harmful to them. Since we do not know which data that we share on a social platform is used in which way, therefore, we, as users, may fall victim to online identity theft.

Not just that, there is more to it. Hackers keep an eye especially on the profiles of those users who have taken the least measures to protect it. Thus, in the sections below we shall learn how you can control your social media presence and safeguard yourself from becoming a victim of cybercrime.

How social media could affect our privacy? 

Originally, Social Media was invented to bring people’s lives closer and make them feel connected to each other. However, as time passed by, social media turned out to be one of the darkest realities of our lives and ultimately it lead to identity theft. Most of us only have disbelief that our data will only remain with the authorities of the platform where we share it. However, the sad truth behind this is something else. Our data is shared with some other authorities as well.

Now, the question is, with whom this data is shared and for what purpose. Well, our data is shared with different advertisement brands, partner companies, as well as the apps that come in the headship of the same company. These companies keep a track of the data that you share while registering on their platform.

Not just your personal identification details are retained and shared but also the information about your likes and interest, habits, whereabouts, where you work, and what things you search for on the internet are also retained. But, our discussion does not end here. Now we are going to have a look at the bright side of this i.e. the measures that we can take in order to make social media a place where we can take a stroll with peace of mind.

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Do this instead of quitting social media

Well, if you fear that the information your share on social media could be used in a negative way, then you should think of protecting your identity and limiting social media sharing. So, in the section below, we are going to have a look at the things that we can do to be more cautious while using social media.

  • Do not ignore the Privacy Policy

Based on the privacy practice research carried out by experts at most of us, often ignore to read the privacy policy of all online platforms and just agree to it without actually going through the essential points mentioned in it. However, this practice should be stopped and no matter how much time it takes, we should give heed to reading it and then clicking on the “Agree” button.

  • Install trackers blockers

If you use a tracker blocker on your device, it would help you in multiple ways. Whenever you surf the web, your navigation is being tracked. Therefore, to limit this tracking activity, you should definitely use a tracker blocker so that you could hide your online presence and surf the web with peace.

  • Do not over-share

Over-sharing is obviously a bad habit, be it in person or on social media. Revealing your secrets to everybody is not a good idea and you probably do not know how much to share over the internet. Therefore, it is always a good idea to not share everything on the internet and let the world know what you are up to and where you are. So, not sharing everything on the internet would definitely make a difference.

  • Disable location sharing

Our location tells a lot about us, where we usually go, where we currently are, and what our favorite spots are. But, what if a hacker takes note of this and then plans a crime at your home when you are not there? Well, this could land us in major trouble meaning that we should limit our location sharing as and when possible.

  • Make necessary changes to privacy settings

If you haven’t thought about doing it lately, then you should think of doing this now. We often forget to review the privacy settings and make changes to them when we join a social media platform. So, it is very important that you review the settings and change them to make your account more secure.


To conclude, we can say that our social media profile tells a lot about us and we usually do not know the manner in which it is used. Therefore, it is more than important to understand this aspect of social media as well and take action accordingly. Hence, you should consider going through these points and putting them into practice for making your social media profile more private and safe.