How to be safe from BRATA Malware Attacks?

Every day we are facing a new type of threats and attacks over our devices and accounts. The hackers are using different-different methods to steal people’s data by hacking their devices and accounts. Nowadays a gang of hackers has been detected involved in hacking activities with the name BRATA. In the beginning they were targeting Brazilian users via Google play but now it is also targeting people of Spain and the United States.

This post is going to all about how you can overcome this cyber threat by using the right approach and methods. So, if you are also facing a cyber threat or have ever faced then you must learn the methods to secure your device and accounts over the internet. Before moving on to the solutions let’s learn about the way of hacking of BRATA. 

How does BRATA misguide you to install a malware application?

BRATA uses an app security scanner that urges you to install fake critical updates and other apps. It prompts the updates by analyzing users’ needs and their system languages like Chrome for English speakers, WhatsApp for Spanish speakers, and a non-existent PDF reader for Portuguese. Thus, it misguides people to install these malware apps. Unfortunately! if you have installed such types of malware apps then your device data and command may be at risk. 

Now, let’s discuss which issues you can face after the installation of these types of malware apps. Once after installing BRATA masquerades malware app then hackers infect your mobile device by sending malware in it. They can control your device capabilities like the ability to capture screen lock credentials (PIN, password, or pattern), capture keystrokes (keylogger functionality), and record the screen to monitor the user’s action. Now, move on to discuss the definite solutions to avoid these types of cyber threats and hackings.

Ways to escape from BRATA masquerades

Solution 1: Conduct app Research

It is very important to ensure the security aspects of applications or software before installing it on your device. So, it is advisable to conduct an app research before installing it on your device for your device’s safety and security.

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Solution 2: Click on only trustable links

Be aware while visiting anonymous sites and apps and avoid clicking on the anonymous promotion links as they may include malware in them. If you will click on those links then you will be in trouble once your device gets infected by viruses.

Solution 3: Subscribe to a mobile antivirus program

It is always recommended by us to subscribe to a secure mobile antivirus program for your device. There are many security programs available in the market you can go to choose the best one. As per our recommendation install a McAfee Total Protection app via and buy the subscription plan to start protecting your device.


In short, there are so many types of cyber threats around us. So, it is always a good idea to use the right approach to avoid device and account hacking issues. You can buy a holistic security solution for your device protection from viruses and malware.