Top 6 Tips to Strengthen Cloud-Native Security

The applications that are based on a new type of infrastructures like containers and serverless platforms refer to the Cloud Native and such types of platforms are being used by many organizations across the world. You can’t deny the fact that cloud-native applications are delivering amazing benefits but they are also raising challenges. If we … Read more

Why One Antivirus Software Is All You Need?

Do you know the importance of antivirus software on your device? If you are also looking to find a way to provide ultimate protection to your device then you have come to the right place. We all are using a personal device nowadays and it is our responsibility to protect the device and the data … Read more

Banking and Protection Without Banks and Help From Others

McAfee is known for offering the best antivirus solutions to reduce and safeguard the digital footprints of their clients. The brand stands on the foundation of togetherness, and that belief for a time when there will be no threats online, or otherwise. The functioning of the company matches its vision for cooperation, unity, and contribution … Read more

Why should you invest in McAfee Mobile Security?

Oftentimes, people give much priority to their computers as compared to mobile devices in terms of security. Several antivirus brands are coming up with different protection software that is intended only to safeguard your portable computers or laptops, but in no way can be used on a mobile phone. But, McAfee does not lag behind … Read more

How to Stay Secure While Using Running Apps?

When Covid-19 spread out around us on a large scale many services were forced to close last year. Gyms were also a part of this shutdown. This was a piece of sad news for all fitness freaks. As per the guidelines, many people started home workout and exercise inside their living places. Many people invested … Read more

How do I fix issues with McAfee real-time scanning?

McAfee is designed to scan for viruses, malware, and other threats that might enter our PC even without our knowledge. They may enter our smart devices in various forms and formats without even giving us a hint of their presence. For this, several users opt for a holistic security solution that gives all-round protection to … Read more

Shield Your Paw-sitivity From Falling Into Cyber Traps

It is safe to say that there are options available for you to safeguard your family and yourself from being a victim of cyber threats, after all, McAfee has proved to be a real-life synonym for security. It offers new-age safety solutions to reduce and protect your digital footprints aiming to bring down the probability … Read more

How to be safe from BRATA Malware Attacks?

Every day we are facing a new type of threats and attacks over our devices and accounts. The hackers are using different-different methods to steal people’s data by hacking their devices and accounts. Nowadays a gang of hackers has been detected involved in hacking activities with the name BRATA. In the beginning they were targeting … Read more