Security tips for linking your Apple ID with financial accounts

Have you been lately thinking of linking your bank accounts with your Apple ID? If yes, then I would suggest you give it another thought before you actually do so.

In my personal opinion, linking any ID with your financial account should be taken seriously since it will contain every bit of necessary information related to your financial activities.

The same is the case when you think of linking it with your Apple ID.

Lately, a lot of online scams and data breaches have been registered where the financial data of Apple users were at high risk. 

In the year 2018, such a scam took place at a larger level in China where the Apple IDs of the customers were compromised and hackers accessed their complete financial details.

Nobody knows when such a thing could happen with him and this has given way to introspection more than ever.

Fortunately, McAfee’s all-around protection for Apple devices and McAfee Mobile Security for iPhone has got our back. 

But, other than using an effective antivirus solution, there are certain safety measures that you can take on your own to diminish the effect of such scams. 

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In fact, if you follow these safety tips of every device and every account, your essential information shall never be compromised. 

Stronger passwords can be your lifesaver

With so much at stake in your Apple ID, you can easily give in to becoming a victim of a data breach if you do not use a strong password. 

According to me, creating a strong password always serves as your first-line defense for adding an additional layer of security to your Apple account.

Unfortunately, users are in a habit of keeping simple passwords because they can be memorized easily. However, such passwords can be easily guessed by the crooks.

Set up two-factor authentication on each account

Using a face recognition or fingerprint unlocking method on your device and using a combo of password/OTP/PIN can be a good idea.

In fact, when you do so, it becomes harder for hackers to hack into your system or Apple ID.

When he tries to gain access to your account, he has to provide two or more pieces of information to verify the identity of the users. 

Well, this is another tip for providing security to your account. 

Monitor your accounts regularly

Yup, this is one of the most important things to keep in mind after linking your account with an ID. 

A single click can is enough to present the darkest nightmare in front of your eyes and undergoing a financial loss is never desired by anyone.

Hence, to sidestep such attacks and to place yourself in a better position to avoid financial attacks, it is a must to keep a regular check on the activities of your bank account.

Use unique login credentials for different accounts

This is one of the best practices for staying safe in this digital world and will help you in the long run.

You might be knowing that it is easy for hackers to trap such users who use the same login password for different accounts.

Well, you should be clever enough to avoid a similar situation and use unique identification or login methods for your social media accounts as well as bank account platforms.

And, now it’s time for some quick tip

You can always Google, just like I did for knowing the best practices for creating a strong password and the best antivirus for keeping safe today and tomorrow.