How to tell if your Apple device has been hacked?

Just like any other device, your Apple device is also prone to hacking. No matter how strong its device protection system, it can still be hacked if you have made any kind of modifications to it. 

Most of the users who wish to download apps on their apple device other than the App Store may jailbreak it. But, they are unaware of the fact that they have made the biggest mistake of their lives. When someone modifies the manufacturer’s settings on his device, it becomes vulnerable because many loopholes may take place in it. 

Although iOS tries its best to avoid any such possibility and makes sure that your device does not get any virus from the third-party apps. But, sometimes, a small mistake made at the users’ end can be the biggest threat to your device.

However, there are certain symptoms that tell you about the same about which we are going to discuss in the next section.

What are some telltale signs?

Even if we use our devices the whole day, we only know a little about them and ignore some minute changes taking place in it. But, if you wish to dive deep into introspecting it, then you may notice certain important things that are enough to let you know your device has been hacked.

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  • The first point of discussion here is the amount of data your device is consuming. Although, this point is not enough as it might be happening due to certain other reasons. But believe you me it is one of the symptoms. This simply means some other activity is going on in the background and consuming your data.
  • The next symptom which tells you about device hacking is the unusual activities at the end of applications. They may begin to crash or start to behave abruptly. 
  • If you are a post-paid user and suddenly you see that your phone bill is touching the sky, then it definitely means that something is wrong with your Apple device.
  • Other than this, if you have recently started to get the obnoxious or strange message/emails from trustworthy as well as unknown people, then you can easily tell that your device has been hacked. 
  • Additionally, if you come across an unknown application that you haven’t ever downloaded on your iPhone, then it is a telltale sign of a hacked phone. 
  • Last but not least, your phones’ battery starts to drop down gradually and you are unable to do anything about it and don’t know the reason behind it as well. This is a common symptom that malware has taken shelter in your phone. 

What can be done to prevent such attacks?

Although we know that iOS users are more secure in terms of getting attacked. But, sometimes its powerful operating system may fail to detect the presence of a virus or block its entry. Hence, in order to safeguard your device from the potential hackers, you must deploy an additional security solution on it. For serving that purpose and providing the all-round protection to your iPhone, you may use McAfee® Mobile Security for iOS on it. Its effective security features are enough to prevent hackers from hacking into your device.