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McAfee is now been pronounced the best brand or enterprise that offers high-end and strict security solutions that protects us from cyber threats. And to be honest, we recommend employing McAfee software for every device that exists throughout the world. The basic faith that McAfee stands on is a better time in the future where technology accelerates but cybercrime becomes extinct.

Yes, it helps us fight against this new digital age enemy and directs all services towards defeating it. Some of the major McAfee software features include protection of WiFi network and Firewall, protection from phishing attacks, employment of password manager, parental controls, protection from identity theft and so much more after you’ve been through mcafee.com/activate.

It offers a wide range of product software with different features and different subscription plans and you can compare all of them to settle for the best option that suits you. For instance, it offers award-winning security software- McAfee Total Protection and offers premium security to reduce your digital footprints and maintain a safe online existence. There is so much more than you can get with McAfee products and safety is guaranteed.

More intelligent and collaborative threat protection

There can be a situation where you notice that your PC is acting abruptly, and it starts to deplete all its importance that you have looked in it at the time of purchase. If that is the case, then there are some serious concerns that are going on with it.

Moreover, there are issues in your PC that are making it slow with all the annoying ads popping on the screen every time you work on it, so this is the time when there is a need to get an authentic trusted antivirus software solution to eliminate the corrupted folders and files from your device and make it useful.

**Exclusive McAfee Subscription Plans


Unlimited Devices / 1-Year Subscription

  • Multi-device Compatibility
  • Secure VPN
  • Safe Family
  • Identity Theft Insurance

10 Devices / 1-Year Subscription

  • Multi-device Compatibility
  • Secure VPN
  • Safe Family
  • Identity Theft Insurance
AntiVirus Plus

Up to 5 Devices / 1-Year Subscription

  • Multi-device Compatibility
  • Secure VPN
  • Safe Family
  • Identity Theft Insurance

List of must-have McAfee activate products

You can easily activate these products by McAfee at www.mcafee.com/activate

  1. 01) McAfee Total Protection– you can run it to undergo a through and deep scanning of your device.
  2. 02) McAfee MVISION Cloud- serves as a layer of protection for safeguarding enterprise data across the connected devices.
  3. 03) McAfee Web Gateway- this product has the ability to restrict the entry of viruses beforehand.
  4. 04) McAfee Safe Family- the best ever protection for your family’s online safety with special time-limit features.
  5. 05) McAfee Endpoint Protection- with its secure VPN, it safeguards your endpoints whenever you connect publicly.

What is the 25-digit
McAfee product key?

McAfee activation code or the product key is a code that allows you to redeem the product that you have purchased. The code is a unique alphanumeric string of characters which is 25-digits long and is highly case-sensitive. Once you redeem the retail card, you will not be asked to enter the code again and again during the activation.

Now, the question is why do you need to redeem the McAfee product key? Well, the answer lies right here. When you redeem the product key, the information about it is received by the service provider. And then, he gets to know that the user has purchased the subscription through legal means. Next up, we shall learn how you can redeem this key.

How do you redeem your
McAfee retail card?

To redeem your retail card, you need to navigate to the home page of McAfee i.e. www.mcafee.com/activate, and go to the ‘My Account’ tab. Here, you have to select the ‘Redeem your Retail Card‘ option and then enter the activation code in the space provided for it. Once you enter your activation code, hit the ‘Submit’ button to link your product key to your account. You may need to log in to your account if prompted.

The activation code to be entered on the activation site for a store-bought product has to be acquired from a Scratch card included in the package. Also, the “redeem to activate” procedure can only be performed if you already have your hands on a pre-purchased McAfee product either from an online or a retail location.

Download McAfee
Antivirus for Windows

  1. 01) From the preferred web browser of your device, go to the mcafee.com/activate page
  2. 02) When prompted, enter your McAfee Login credentials such as username and password
  3. 03) After account login, go to the ‘Subscriptions’ section
  4. 04) Here, locate the desired subscription and click the ‘Download’ button for it
  5. 05) In the next dialog box, choose to Run or Save the setup file

Sit back and relax until the product gets downloaded. This process is then followed by the installation.

mcafee download windows

Install McAfee Antivirus
Security for Windows

  1. 01) To install McAfee, first, you have to locate the file in the ‘Downloads’ folder
  2. 02) After locating it, you need to click on the setup file to begin the installation
  3. 03) In case you are prompted for the product key, then enter it in the given space
  4. 04) Complete some easy instructions as prompted by the installer
  5. 05) Close the installation wizard to end the process

As soon as the installation completes, you can complete a few more steps for the activation.

install mcafee

Activate McAfee
Security for Windows

  1. 01) To begin the activation process, go to the McAfee activate page i.e. www.mcafee.com/activate
  2. 02) Then, you will be asked to choose the ‘Country’ and ‘Language’ of your current region
  3. 03) Afterward, type the product key in the given space
  4. 04) After providing your product key, click on the ‘Submit’ option
  5. 05) Click ‘Verify’ in the window that follows and you are good to go

Your product is now activated successfully. Make sure to opt for auto-renewal of your subscription if it gets expired.

Mcafee Activate

Download McAfee
Antivirus for Mac

  1. 01) Begin with getting into the official McAfee site from a preferred web browser.
  2. 02) Spot and head towards tapping on “My Account”, and then on “Sign In”.
  3. 03) On being prompted, move forth to use your account credentials to log in.
  4. 04) Head to the “Subscriptions” area to explore products offered by McAfee.
  5. 05) When you see a plan that you’d like to have, locate the “Download” tab and hit it.
  6. 06) Go on to agree to all the terms and conditions of the License Agreement section.
  7. 07) Just as you finish with the “Download” option, it is saved to a default location.

All you have to do now is move on to the next stage in the process- Installation, which can be effectively performed on the “McAfee com Activate” website.

Download Mcafee

Install McAfee Antivirus Security for Mac

  1. 01) Undergo the above-mentioned steps to get the preferred McAfee plan.
  2. 02) Begin the installation procedure by getting to the downloaded file location.
  3. 03) On finding it, go on to double-click on the McAfee- MacInstaller tab.
  4. 04) Log in with the McAfee credentials and enter the verification code you have.
  5. 05) Wait for the installation to complete while keeping up with on-screen prompts.
  6. 06) “McAfee Antivirus for Mac Security”> “McAfee Internet Security Preferences”.
  7. 07) Choose “Firewall”> “Padlock”> Type in Mac credentials and adjust the settings.

So, it’s time to move to the next and the last stage that will lead you to an enhanced protected Internet experience.

Activate McAfee Security for Mac

  1. 01) Follow the above steps to install your purchased McAfee product.
  2. 02) Make sure that you know which location the software file installed.
  3. 03) Get into the “mcafee.com/activate” to begin the activation process.
  4. 04) Provide the email address you registered with at the time of purchase.
  5. 05) When you find the product key, enter it in the associated area.
  6. 06) Ensure the entered code is valid and move to hit the “Next” option.
  7. 07) End it with ensuring that you follow the on-screen instruction prompts.

Once the activation procedure is successful, the McAfee software would automatically be employed on the devices you want to protect from the hands of cybercrime.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I renew my McAfee subscription with a product key?

Follow the steps for McAfee product subscription renewal:

  • From your internet browser, go to mcafee.com/activate.
  • Take your mouse on the ‘My Account’ section present at the top.
  • Then, click on the ‘Subscriptions’ tab and find the desired subscription.
  • Further, hit the ‘Renew’ and provide your billing details.
  • Provide your product key, if prompted.
  • Wait for a few minutes to complete the renewal.

Should I uninstall the old McAfee product before installing the new one?

In case you wish to install the same McAfee product once again, then you may opt for subscription renewal. If you are installing a product other than the current one, then you are suggested to uninstall the older products completely. This is necessary to ensure the smoother and uninterrupted installation.

How to activate pre-installed McAfee software?

  • First of all, you need to launch your McAfee software.
  • When it opens, click on the gear icon for ‘Settings’.
  • This option is available at the to-right of the screen.
  • Then, click on the ‘My Account’ tab present under ‘My Info’.
  • As soon as you click on this option, you will be taken to the McAfee website.
  • Here, you need to follow some prompts for easy activation.

How to cancel auto-renewal of McAfee?

To opt out of McAfee auto-renewal plan, you may follow these steps:

  1. To initiate, go to mcafee.com/activate.
  2. Then, take the pointer of your mouse on ‘My Account’.
  3. After that, click on the ‘Sign In’ button and login to your account.
  4. Further, select ‘Auto-Renewal Settings’ under ‘My Account’.
  5. On the ‘Uninterrupted protection’ page, move to the bottom section.
  6. Then, click on the toggle towards the ‘Off’ position.

Can I get a McAfee product subscription for free?

McAfee offers tons of security solution software and exclusive subscription plans depending upon the features of the product and the number of devices you want to employ it on. However, you can get your hands on the free antivirus software trial that is equipped with all the features of the award-winning product by the brand- McAfee Total Protection. Some of the features are antivirus, protection from web threats, identity threats and password manager to keep hackers away.

What happens when my McAfee subscription expires?

That’s the good thing about McAfee products, they continue to provide the subscription facilities even after they’ve expired. But, they will no longer be able to receive updates. And as a result of which, it’ll be hard to say if your devices can be protected from new threats or not. Downloading the new virus definitions files will also be inaccessible to users. You should also know that it’ll work only for the next 30 to 90 days which only the admins can have access to.

Does McAfee software slow down my computer system?

McAfee security solutions come equipped with a lot of benefits relating to the Internet threats like scanning for viruses and keeping you away from all other cyber threats like identity thefts, spyware, Trojans, malware, and others. However, one common setback is that computers after the software activation run slower than usual but are still curable.

Can McAfee security software detect hackers?

That is exactly what McAfee does- it protects you from falling victim to cyber harm. The McAfee Firewall is designed to keep you hidden from hackers and other cyberspies who keep a close watch on all your Internet activities. It helps in preventing malware with only one mandatory requirement- you need to have pre-installed antivirus protection. However, guaranteeing security is difficult if you rely on the software and go on tapping on unknown and suspicious links.


By now, you must have successfully installed and activated your Antivirus on the official activation website – McAfee com Activate. It’s now time to use it and for this, you have to open the product by clicking on its red-colored icon and then choose the desired scanning method. You can either opt for a quick scan or select the option to schedule a scan as well. With McAfee on your device, you can use the web and use your device without having to worry about losing your essentials and becoming a prey of the online scams.

Other than that, you’d find explicit data on how you can get a McAfee subscription, redeem a retail card (if you have any) followed by the steps to download, installation and activation for both Windows and Mac devices. Be rest assured that all the information presented in this detailed read have been directed towards helping you improve your experience with the world’s number one brand for cyber security solutions- McAfee.