Windows Defender vs McAfee: The Biggest Comparison

In the world of antivirus software, there are a plethora of products available for you to choose. You might find yourself in a dilemma because it is difficult to pick the best choice out of such great options. Privacy is of utmost importance to the laptop/PC users and that’s why people look for the most appropriate and complete antivirus plans. Talking about the most-preferred antivirus products, Windows Defender vs McAfee debate has been the center of discussion in the cyber-security sphere.

While some people look for budget-friendly products, others opt for premium antivirus suites that can provide a more sophisticated solution. Dependability, features, packages, affordability and quick results – these are the main points considered to gauge the benefits of Windows Defender and McAfee programs.

Introduction – Windows Defender vs McAfee

Windows Defender – Renamed as Windows Defender Security Center, it is a free antivirus program that comes with Windows 8/8.1/10 and Windows 7 as Microsoft Security Essentials. It is designed to guard your device against real-time malware threats. It is part of the Windows Security Center, which regulates the operating system of your computer. The most significant feature of Defender is its Firewall that detects suspicious activities and prevents hackers from accessing your network.

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McAfee – This award-winning antivirus software has become a household name; thanks to its excellent security solutions. But the Windows Defender vs McAfee dispute continues to prevail in the market because both the companies have different sets of users. McAfee seems to be one step ahead of Defender. Be it computers, smartphones, laptops, or tablets, McAfee packages offer advanced features for comprehensive protection.

Earlier, McAfee used to provide a wide range of antivirus suites, such as McAfee Antivirus Plus and McAfee Internet Security. Currently, McAfee offers only two antivirus solutions namely, McAfee LiveSafe and McAfee Total Protection (Individual, Couples, and Family). All these plans include unique features like Social Security Number tracing, dark web monitoring, and customer service round the clock.

Windows Defender vs McAfee Highlights:

Windows Defender

  • It provides free protection from any kind of malicious threats.
  • It comes with a built-in firewall (its latest edition launched a two-way firewall).
  • Parental control feature.
  • It gets activated by default, if no other antivirus solution is detected.
  • Pre-installed malware protection in Windows 10.
  • Windows Defender Offline can scan and reboot PC against malware attack.
  • It offers on-demand scanning.
  • It has a ‘Find My Device’ option to locate a Windows 10 PC.

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Undoubtedly, Windows Defender vs McAfee comparison sparks a heated argument as both are equally competitive companies. Let’s see what McAfee has in store for you!

McAfee LiveSafe

  • It supports all the versions of Windows, Android, MacOS, iOS.
  • It has a minimal impact on the system performance.
  • Easy-to-use and intuitive interface.
  • 30-day-long money back guarantee.
  • VPN (Virtual Private Network) included in all the pricing tiers.
  • File Shredder to eliminate unwanted files or apps.
  • It ensures a safe browsing experience.
  • Password manager.
  • Anti-spam filter to get rid of junk mails.
  • File lock feature.
  • Vulnerability Scanner to check if there is any outdated software issue.
  • It protects your PC from phishing attacks.
  • High-level file encryption.

Windows Defender vs McAfee Demerits

One of the drawbacks of using Windows Defender is that it only protects a single Windows device and there is no online privacy protection. It does not offer anti-spam and anti-phishing protection. Other features that you can’t enjoy include password manager, a VPN, or identity theft protection webcam protection. In addition to this, Microsoft doesn’t provide any customer support for Windows Defender.

Taking the Windows Defender vs McAfee debate forward, let’s see what problems you can face while using McAfee. It provides real-time protection which results in slow processing of other programs running in the background. Plus, it takes a lot of memory and does not offer cloud backup.

Windows 10 compatibility antivirus

The best thing about McAfee LiveSafe is that it supports multiple operating systems and covers an unlimited number of devices. As far as Windows 10 compatibility antivirus is concerned, both the products provide total protection against virus attacks. Since Defender is Microsoft’s creation, it is an integral part of the operating system.

Windows Defender and McAfee conflict – McAfee is compatible with Windows 10 as well, thus, giving a tough competition to the default Windows antivirus. A big disadvantage of using Defender is that it has a relatively higher system impact than McAfee. Running two antivirus apps simultaneously on one system can have adverse effects on the PC. Therefore, it is often recommended that one should disable ‘Defender’ as it is incompatible with McAfee software.

Windows Defender vs McAfee – Which one is better in 2020?

Based on the pros and cons listed above, it would not be wrong to say that Windows Defender and McAfee both have impressive features that make them the leading antivirus programs globally. One of the major differences between the two is that Defender is a free product while McAfee is paid. McAfee is a more worthy pick than Defender because the former comes with extra features that you don’t get with the latter

Windows Defender and McAfee conflict is that McAfee is compatible with Windows 10, Android, Mac, and iOS, whereas Defender only works flawlessly on Windows OS. So, if you are a Windows user, the built-in Windows Defender is a reliable option especially when you don’t wish to purchase a paid antivirus.